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The Story Goes On - okładka
  • 7+
  • Przemoc

Oiągnięcia z gry The Story Goes On w wersji na konsolę Xbox One.

Novice Collector Novice Collector 25
Found 25% of items!
Borderline Shopaholic Borderline Shopaholic 25
Found 50% of items!
Have a Cookie! Have a Cookie! 5
Started a run!
That was a Big Spider That was a Big Spider 50
Obtained the Forest Page
Wild Ride Wild Ride 50
Obtained the Snow Page
The Eye of the Beholder The Eye of the Beholder 75
Obtained the Spooky Page
Good Idea! Good Idea! 75
Obtained the Desert Page
Dirty Little Hacker Dirty Little Hacker 25
Hacked and slashed 1000 enemies!
That Put a Spin on Things That Put a Spin on Things 75
Obtained the Dark Forest Page
Certified Hoarder Certified Hoarder 25
Found 75% of items!
Sandwich Slayer Sandwich Slayer 50
Unlocked Sprou
Void Slayer Void Slayer 50
Unlocked Gambi
Demon Slayer Demon Slayer 50
Unlocked Foster
Addict Addict 15
I'll tell YOU when I've had enough!
Really? How much help do you need? Really? How much help do you need? 10
The controls aren't that hard...
"X" Marks the Spot! "X" Marks the Spot! 10
Unlocked your first boss room!
It's Dangerous to Go Alone It's Dangerous to Go Alone 10
Obtained a sword upgrade in a hidden cave
Little Banker Little Banker 20
$ Dolla Dolla Bill $
The Story Goes On... The Story Goes On... 15
...even though you've died 20 times...
Heart of the Cards Heart of the Cards 15
Spun the wildcard 40 times
Lord Pecrtron Lord Pecrtron 25
I've accepted my savior
Spare the Witch! Spare the Witch! 15
Didn't kill the Witch Boss when she turned into a snake
Ghost Tamer Ghost Tamer 20
Whipped 10 ghosts as Foster
You Must be Dreaming! You Must be Dreaming! 50
Clear either the Dark Forest or the Void without taking damage
gotta go fast! gotta go fast! 20
have you ever wen't fest?
The Lord of Booty The Lord of Booty 50
Found all items!
Be Scared Be Scared 100
Obtained the Final Page
A True Warrior A True Warrior 20
Completed an entire floor as Gambit using only his special ability
Not Broken, Just Bent Not Broken, Just Bent 25
Barely made it...