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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - okładka
  • 18+
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Oiągnięcia z gry Kingdom Come: Deliverance w wersji na konsolę Xbox One.

Alcoholic Alcoholic 10
You've become addicted to alcohol.
Insomniac Insomniac 10
You haven't slept for two days and nights.
Fatso Fatso 10
You've been full to bursting for two days.
Anorectic Anorectic 10
You've starved for three days.
Bookworm Bookworm 10
You've read twenty books.
Edward Kelly Edward Kelly 15
You've brewed fifteen types of potion.
Stealth Killer Stealth Killer 15
You've killed twenty enemies by stealth.
Hunter Hunter 15
You've bagged fifty animals.
Bard Bard 15
You've reached the maximum Speech level.
King Charming King Charming 15
People love you everywhere you go.
Completionist Completionist 75
You've completed all quests.
Merciful Merciful 30
You finished the game without killing anyone (except Runt, but he had it coming).
Serial Killer Serial Killer 10
You've killed 200 people.
Traveller Traveller 15
You've discovered all the locations on the map.
Knightrider Knightrider 15
You won the Talmberg horse race.
Ranger Ranger 15
You've walked more than 50 Km.
Pilgrim Pilgrim 30
You've found all wayside shrines and conciliatory crosses.
Thief Thief 30
You've stolen things with a total value of 30,000 Groschen.
Level Cap Level Cap 30
You've reached the maximum level.
Fighter Fighter 50
You've carried out 100 combos.
Sniper Sniper 50
You've killed 50 enemies with headshots.
Haggler Haggler 15
You've saved 2,000 Groschen by haggling.
Scrooge Scrooge 30
You've saved up 5,000 Groschen.
Convict Convict 10
You've spent three days in prison.
David Horak David Horak 15
You've collected 10,000 herbs.
Gambler Gambler 15
You've won 1,000 Groschen at dice.
Blacksmith's Son Blacksmith's Son 10
You've completed the first quest.
Cavalier Cavalier 15
You saved Theresa from the Cumans.
Awakening Awakening 15
You've joined Sir Radzig's garrison.
Buddy Buddy 15
You saved Lord Capon from the Cumans.
Ginger Ginger 15
You saved Ginger from the bandits.
Runt Runt 15
You killed Runt.
Monk Monk 15
You've become a monk.
Bastard Bastard 15
You found out who your real father is.
Conqueror Conqueror 15
The Vranik encampment has been conquered.
Talmberger Talmberger 15
You did everything you could in the siege of Talmberg.
The End The End 75
You finished the main story line.
Firestarter Firestarter 10
You burned to death in the first quest. Congratulations!
Sinner Sinner 15
You got drunk with the parish priest.
Plague Doctor Plague Doctor 15
You healed all the sick in Merhojed.
McLovin McLovin 30
You had a romantic affair with Theresa the millmaid.
Casanova Casanova 30
You seduced your Lord's lady wife.
Judas Judas 15
You've condemned your friends to death.
Freud Freud 15
You found out about Erik's past.
Master Huntsman Master Huntsman 15
You've become the Talmberg Master Huntsman.
Robber Baron Robber Baron 30
You drove Wolflin out of the province.
Spoilsport Spoilsport 15
You sabotaged all three planned executions.
Bad Trip Bad Trip 15
You've danced with Satan himself.
Virgin Virgin 15
You finished the game as a virgin.