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CubeWorks - okładka
  • 3+

Trofea z gry CubeWorks w wersji na konsolę PlayStation VR.

Champion of Industry Champion of Industry
Unlock all other Trophies
First Day on the Job First Day on the Job
Complete the Warehouse
Daily Grind Daily Grind
Complete the Auditorium
High Flying High Flying
Complete the Rooftop
Gifted Gifted
Use all 3 special types in a single stage
High Scorer High Scorer
Earn a Gold Medal in every stage
Fling Fling
Match a cube at least 2 meters away from yourself
That doesn't go there That doesn't go there
Throw a cube into the recycle bin
Impressive Impressive
Match a cube that's been spit out of the recycle bin
Moongazer Moongazer
Gaze at the TinMoon
Secret Keeper Secret Keeper
Push the 3 secret buttons
Efficient Efficient
Complete Warehouse Speed Bonus in under 3 seconds
Sportsball Sportsball
Complete Auditorium Recycling Bonus with 100% accuracy
Above and Beyond Above and Beyond
Complete Bay 21 Combo Bonus with a 10-cube Multi-Match
Goalie Goalie
Complete Rooftop Airborne Bonus without missing a single cube
Block Basics Block Basics
Complete the Basement Tutorials
Moving Up The Ladder Moving Up The Ladder
Complete Bay 21
Freethrow Freethrow
Make 6 consecutive throws into the recycle bin
Versatility Versatility
Match using all 9 face types in a single stage
One Hand Tied One Hand Tied
Earn more than 1000 points in a Score Challenge using only 1 hand