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Uncharted: Fight for Fortune - okładka
  • 7+
  • Strach
  • Online

Trofea z gry Uncharted: Fight for Fortune w wersji na konsolę PS VITA.

Master Fortune Hunter Master Fortune Hunter
Unlock everything in Uncharted™ Fight for Fortune
Professional Fortune Hunter Professional Fortune Hunter
Complete each Fortune Hunter match at least once
Over 9000 Over 9000
Bank 9,001 Fortune in Fortune Hunter
License to Hunt License to Hunt
Complete the Fortune Hunter Tutorial
Baby Got Back Baby Got Back
Unlock all Card Backings
Avatar Hunter Avatar Hunter
Unlock all Avatars
Card Collector Card Collector
Unlock all Cards
Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes
Unlock all Backgrounds
Change it Up Change it Up
Customize your Faction Deck, Avatar, Card Backing & Background
Plundered! Plundered!
Unlock all Rewards in a Fortune Hunter Match
Kitty Got Wet Kitty Got Wet
Win your first online Multiplayer Match