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Trofea Vesta PS4

Vesta - okładka
  • 7+
  • Przemoc

Trofea z gry Vesta w wersji na konsolę PS4.

She is a machine!! She is a machine!!
Get all the trophies.
Search in progress Search in progress
Find 25 secrets.
Treasure hunter Treasure hunter
Find 50 secrets.
Nothing left behind Nothing left behind
Find all secrets.
Making friends Making friends
Destroy 5 enemies.
Anyone else? Anyone else?
Destroy 25 enemies.
Want some more? Want some more?
Destroy 50 enemies.
That green stuff That green stuff
Use 5 energy drums.
This is working This is working
Use 25 energy drums.
Energy Master Energy Master
Use 50 energy drums.
Patroll eraser Patroll eraser
Destroy 10 patrollers.
Don't break the floor! Don't break the floor!
Destroy 5 Punchers.
Mine cleaner Mine cleaner
Destroy 10 MinePlanters.
Second chance Second chance
Activate 20 checkpoints.
Awakening Awakening
Complete the first chapter.
Discovering Discovering
Complete the second chapter.
Fellowship Fellowship
Complete the third chapter.
Hope Hope
Finish the game.
Bullet Hell Bullet Hell
Shoot 50 times.
Historian Historian
Read 5 consoles.
Die, crates, die Die, crates, die
Destroy 30 crates.
Some extra stuff Some extra stuff
Find 5 secrets.