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Slime Rancher - okładka
  • 3+

Trofea z gry Slime Rancher w wersji na konsolę PS4.

Platinum Platinum
Best of the Worst Best of the Worst
Place a tarr on the #1 Slime Stage
Onward... to SCIENCE! Onward... to SCIENCE!
Fabricate your first Slime Science gadge
Carousel Carousel
Incinerate an elder chicken
One Person at a Time One Person at a Time
Join the 7Zee Rewards Club
Catch! Catch!
Shoot food into an airborne slime's mouth
Boop! Boop!
Let a tabby slime headbutt you right on the nose
Salad Bar Salad Bar
Have 3 different veggie gardens on the Ranch at the same time
Up All Night Up All Night
Stay awake from 6 AM to 6 AM the next day
Buck Buck Bagu- Buck Buck Bagu-
Feed 100 chickens to slimes on the Ranch
Fruit Cocktail Fruit Cocktail
Have 3 different fruit trees on the Ranch at the same time
Transplorter Transplorter
Sell 500 plorts at the Plort Marke
Color Me Impressed Color Me Impressed
Use chroma packs to change the color of the ranch house, tech, and vacpack
While You Were Away While You Were Away
Return to the Ranch after more than 24 hours
Renewal Renewal
Start bringing life back to the Glass Deser
Well-Off Rancher Well-Off Rancher
Earn over 25,000 newbucks
Hasty Exchange Hasty Exchange
Fulfill a Range Exchange request between Noon and 2 PM
Fireworks Fireworks
Shoot a boom slime largo into the air that explodes before landing
Risky Business Risky Business
Have at least 3 different types of largos in the same corral
Jelly Belly Burst Jelly Belly Burst
Burst a gordo slime
That Only Works in Comic Books That Only Works in Comic Books
Stand inside a rad aura for at least 15 seconds
Bea the Builder Bea the Builder
Fabricate 35 Slime Science gadgets
Controlling the Chaos Controlling the Chaos
Constrain more than 15 slimes in your vac stream at once while on the range
Ball Pit Ball Pit
Jump into a corral containing at least 40 slimes
You... Monster! You... Monster!
Send an adorable chick to a fiery end, the same place you're now destined to go
Rush Plortmaster Rush Plortmaster
Reach at least 75,000 newbucks in Rush Mode
She's on Fire! She's on Fire!
Score 50 points in a single game of slimeball
Diversification Diversification
Have at least 10 types of largos on the Ranch
Hat Trick Hat Trick
Obtain at least 3 gold plorts from a single gold slime
A Quick Newbuck A Quick Newbuck
Earn 5,000 newbucks in a single day
The Adventure Continues! The Adventure Continues!
Complete Adventure Mode and set out for what's next.