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Let's Sing 2019 - okładka
  • 3+

Trofea z gry Let's Sing 2019 w wersji na konsolę PS4.

Early evening Early evening
Get 1 bronze record
Early days Early days
Get 5 gold records
Early glory Early glory
Get 10 diamond records
Eclectic Eclectic
Sing 15 different songs
The family is growing The family is growing
Unlock 3 avatars
Virtuoso Virtuoso
Finish 50 % of the CLASSIC mode
Collector Collector
Finish 50 % of the MIXTAPE mode
Fiery duo Fiery duo
Finish 50 % of the FEAT. mode
Internet talent Internet talent
Win 5 games in WORLD CONTEST mode
Superstar Superstar
Reach level 30