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Devious Dungeon - okładka
  • 7+
  • Przemoc

Trofea z gry Devious Dungeon w wersji na konsolę PS4.

Platinum Hero Platinum Hero
Get all trophies
Quest Has Begun Quest Has Begun
Completed the training level.
Level Up! Level Up!
Leveled up for the first time!
Knowledge Is Power! Knowledge Is Power!
Read your first tome.
I'm Not Lost! I'm Not Lost!
Checked the map screen.
Key Master Key Master
Collect 100 keys.
Sick Reflexes Sick Reflexes
Destroy an arrow in mid-air.
Crate Smasher! Crate Smasher!
Destroy 500 crates.
Slayer! Slayer!
Kill more than 500 enemies.
Determined! Determined!
Resurrect more than 25 times.
Battle Tested Battle Tested
Play over 100 levels!
Sharpened Blade Sharpened Blade
Bought a new weapon.
Armored! Armored!
Bought some armor.
Magic Brew Magic Brew
Bought a potion.
Til Death Do Us Part Til Death Do Us Part
Bought a ring.
King of Bling King of Bling
Bought an amulet.
Blessed Blessed
Receive a blessing from the Priest.
Shop-a-holic Shop-a-holic
Spend more than 1500 coins.
Horde No More Horde No More
Defeat the Orc Chief Boss.
Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder
Defeat the Ancient Beholder Boss.
Slaughtered Slaughtered
Defeat the Butcher Boss.
Pebbled Pebbled
Defeat the Stone Golem Boss.
Fus-Ro-Dragonslayer Fus-Ro-Dragonslayer
Defeat the Dragon Boss.
Legendary Hero Legendary Hero
Complete the game!