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Detective Gallo - okładka
  • 12+
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Trofea z gry Detective Gallo w wersji na konsolę PS4.

Thorn Thorn
Don't acknowledge any merits, unless they're your own.
Vigilante Vigilante
That taxi driver picked up his last fare…
Alcoholic Alcoholic
Cocktails go to my head.
Romantic Detective Romantic Detective
A real badass always know when to be sweet.
Role Player Role Player
Ridicolous little green men…
Heroic Deed Heroic Deed
There's only his stench left…
Good Morning Good Morning
When you are a heavy sleeper…
Cold-Blooded Detective Cold-Blooded Detective
I like counting on my best friend.
Smuggler Smuggler
What's a smuggler without a business card?
Green Thumb Green Thumb
Now I figured out what Latin is good for.
Space Invader Space Invader
It's always fun to threaten Earth…
Baby Sitter Baby Sitter
Maybe as a side job…
Infallible Nose Infallible Nose
What's a detective without his instincts?
Interference Interference
Who was that, Mario?
Animal Activist Animal Activist
The animals must respect other animals.
Timed Trial Timed Trial
Speed is my middle name.
Old School Old School
There's nothing like the old school.
Sprinter Sprinter
Never stop. Never.
Devoted Devoted
Assistants are born, not made.
Chronically Indecisive Chronically Indecisive
Doubt is the source of wisdom.
Supplier Supplier
Cutlery smuggling.
Connoisseur Connoisseur
Got the cocktail in one.
Cameo Cameo
Those game designers are crazy…
Briber Briber
Here's the proper use of the money.
Time to Get Serious Time to Get Serious
When the going gets rough...
The Curtains Falls The Curtains Falls
Applause, please.