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Death's Gambit - okładka
  • 16+
  • Przemoc

Trofea z gry Death's Gambit w wersji na konsolę PS4.

Glory of the Immortal Slayer Glory of the Immortal Slayer
You completed all the trophies
A king only in name... A king only in name...
Slay the Owlking
In glorious radiance... In glorious radiance...
Slay the Soul of the Phoenix
Where the wind howls... Where the wind howls...
Slay the Tundra Lord
The Herald of the Storm The Herald of the Storm
Slay the Bulwark
The Ghost of Aldwynn The Ghost of Aldwynn
Slay Origa
The bigger they are... The bigger they are...
Slay the Forgotten Gaian
An appetite for blood... An appetite for blood...
Slay the Dark Knigh
Of sound mind and body Of sound mind and body
Slay Bysurge
Thou wilt kneel... Thou wilt kneel...
Slay the Eldritch Council
A new hope... A new hope...
Escape Thalamus
Thunderstruck Thunderstruck
Slay Cusith
Beyond the stars... Beyond the stars...
Slay Amulvaro
Dethroned Dethroned
Slay the Owlking in heroic
Omae wa... Omae wa...
Execute a parry
The Bookkeeper The Bookkeeper
Recover all boss journals
Persistence rewarded... Persistence rewarded...
Die 50 times
Talented Talented
Unlock 14 talents
Superior armaments Superior armaments
Enchant a weapon or equipment to +10
An endless elegy... An endless elegy...
Slay Endless
To ash and dust... To ash and dust...
Slay the Soul of the Phoenix in heroic
Lord of the Vale Lord of the Vale
Slay the Tundra Lord in heroic
A worthy challenge... A worthy challenge...
Slay the Bulwark in heroic
A friendly duel... A friendly duel...
Slay Origa in heroic
Gaian slayer Gaian slayer
Slay the Forgotten Gaian in heroic
Darkness falls... Darkness falls...
Slay the Dark Knight in heroic
A relic of the past... A relic of the past...
Slay Bysurge in heroic
Who is the real monster? Who is the real monster?
Slay Cusith in heroic
Chosen of Death Chosen of Death
Defeat all bosses in Heroic
Harvester Harvester
Obtain all 7 feather upgrades
Martial prowess Martial prowess
Slay the Owlking boss using only kicks
Judge, jury, executioner Judge, jury, executioner
Slay the Eldritch Council in heroic
Everlasting torment... Everlasting torment...
Slay Endless in heroic
When the stars align... When the stars align...
Slay Amulvaro in heroic
The Perfect Run The Perfect Run
Kill the final boss without quitting the game and in under 4 hours from starting the game and without leveling up