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Cluster Tumble - okładka
  • 7+
  • Strach

Trofea z gry Cluster Tumble w wersji na konsolę PS4.

Starting out Starting out
Play your first game
Put to the test Put to the test
Play the Challenge mode
Battle lines Battle lines
Play the Versus mode
Neverending story Neverending story
Play the Endless mode
Hard times Hard times
Play a game with hard difficulty
Name in lights Name in lights
Set a new high score
No need for 3 No need for 3
Defeat an opponent in Versus mode with two straight wins
Endurance Endurance
Complete 30 levels in Endless mode
Patience is a virtue Patience is a virtue
Completed a level without speeding up the droprate of a piece
Spinning around Spinning around
Use the rotation function for the first time
No. 1 fan No. 1 fan
Play 50 games
On a roll On a roll
Correctly place 10 pieces in a row during a level without making a mistake
In the nick of time In the nick of time
Complete a level with under 5 seconds to spare
Picture perfect Picture perfect
Complete a level placing every piece correctly first time